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Blue Ball Nation Bank, Operations Center - Corporate, Office & Commercial

Blue Ball, PA

Blue Ball National Bank, Operations Center

​The new third floor addition we designed for this bank’s operations center created a much improved facade for the older two story building. The new story accommodates expansion needs while giving the exterior a newly updated and spacious character. Expanses of glass in both horizontal and vertical lines engage visitors with an upward view that is dramatic and compelling.

Through the new design we strengthened the structural bracing of the original building using a system of steel X braces in multiple column bays on both the first and second floors. This allowed for the glass third story addition we designed and eliminated some inherent weaknesses in the original building.

main entrance

The renovated main entry area includes round glass tile columns, using small blue glass tiles that are a consistent design feature created for all BBNB buildings. The blue glass reinforces the bank name in a medium that is both artistic and architectural. The wall of glass on the third floor above the entrance is the new main conference room.

receptionist area

This spacious reception area on the third floor conveys the right impact for a successful financial institution. Generous space, warm tones in the walls and cherry wood, rich burls in the lighter maple wood surfaces, a comfortable seating area, and contemporary patterns in the muted carpet work in harmony to make a subtle impression of richness and accomplishment.

third floor offices

When you enter the work hub of the new third floor you immediately get a sense of efficiency and functionality. Individual offices form a perimeter that connects the interior and exterior through the use of large expanses of windows that overlook the center of the floor where call center functions and staff workstations are located.

meeting room

A skylight brightens this interior staff training and meeting room. A power-controlled shade can be closed when light needs to be dimmed for video and computer training functions. A folding panel wall transforms one large room into two separate training rooms, adding flexibility to accommodate multiple functions and uses. Storage and shelving for reference and training materials are built in at one end, adding to the room's efficiency.