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Lancaster, PA

Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

This city church needed more gathering space, classroom space, and a convenient accessible main entrance that could accommodate drop offs. But they were located on a narrow street where all the buildings were close together and there was very little land for an expansion. We looked within the building to restructure existing areas, convert non-functional spaces, and created a small two-story addition. By recreating historic details in our design, we preserved the character of the church and the neighborhood.

A new split-level main entry at the sidewalk creates a roomy, open feeling while actually using only a small space. An elevator was installed for easy access to other levels.

main entrance

This different view of the main entry shows the double sets of doors at the sidewalk level. The new driveway loop makes it easy for people to be dropped off at the doors without causing on-street congestion or interfering with pedestrian access. The wall of windows and wide interior doorway to the new multi-purpose library space adds to the feeling of openness, creating an extremely welcoming main entrance and gathering place.

two-story addition

The new 2-story addition provided room for much-needed additional classroom space. The fa├žade of the addition mirrors the architectural details of the original building, crowned by a corner steepled roof design in the style of the original steeple at the center of the church.

new driveway

The new drive-in/drop off access from the intersecting street is an asset for elderly parishioners, encourages attendance in inclement weather, and enhances the use of the church for weddings and special occasion events. It also showcases the signage pillar that contains worship service information.