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Lancaster Bar Association - Design-Build

Lancaster, PA

Lancaster Bar Association

Our building façade restoration to this outstanding historic building is a welcome improvement to the streetscape as the building had once been condemned due to extensive water damage and deterioration. The design/build team for this project included a forensic architectural consultant, contractor, engineer, and owner’s representative, all coordinated by the architectural design team at Hammel Associates.

Collaborations were required to evaluate the structure, determine the extent of new work needed, integrate modern infrastructures and building uses, and change the interior to accommodate the current owner’s needs while preserving the historic significance and character of the building, both inside and out.


The second floor ballroom required extensive work. A new HVAC system now makes it easy to maintain comfort in this large open space. Old historic plaster elements have been repaired and restored to retain the original elegance of the room. Antique lighting fixtures are now refurbished with new wiring, cleaned, repaired, and fitted with new controls. New paint and carpet complete the restoration making this a spectacular event room.

Glass door systems

A custom-designed all-glass door system is an inviting entrance leading into narrower hallways to staff offices. Recessed downlights luminate the hallways without interfering with the interior design that preserves many of the historic elements of the original building.