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Lancaster, PA

Lancaster Public Library

After having been a long time library supporter and architect for numerous small projects for this historic library in center city Lancaster, Hammel Associates is proud to be a key player in defining the next chapter for the Lancaster Public Library. As the architect for the mixed use project underway to bring the Lancaster Public Library, Penn Cinema and a 300 car parking garage to Lancaster Square, we are excited for the possibilities that await the library at its new 40,000 SF facility on the 100 block of North Queen Street!

Existing Historic Library - North Duke Street

The library's existing historic building had moisture problems that had failed to be corrected by several contractors. When we took over the project we began by reviewing the roof edge flashings and gutters to determine the source of their water-damage, which was the biggest problem. By doing a multi-phase roof replacement we designed a solution that used uncured plastic sleeves inserted into the pipes from the top, and a heavy pressurized balloon system pulled through to compress the sleeves against the pipes, all of which was done without changing the historic exterior of the building.


As another part of the multi-phase project we replaced outdated and energy deficient roofing systems to maintain the integrity of the building envelope.