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Rosemont Presbyterian Village Dining Room - Retirement Communities

Rosemont, PA

Rosemont Presbyterian Village Dining Room

The beautiful new dining room came to life after a thorough analysis of the building code requirements. By removing an existing stair that was not required, we provided space for the satellite kitchen. Removing existing corridor walls allowed us to create more dining space, open views to landscaped gardens and provide an inviting restaurant quality experience for residents.

perspective rendering

Completed early in the design process to show the client the visual impact of removing the corridor wall and providing restaurant quality finishes, this drawing received rave reviews when presented to Rosemont’s executive director and board of directors.

dining room before renovation

Prior to the renovation, Rosemont’s dining room featured a complicated mix of seating and poor selection of colors, creating a dated, uninviting environment. An adjacent greenhouse allowed in too much heat in the summer and created a draft in the winter. In addition, there was insufficient storage for serving staff supplies and carts.

dining room after renovation

Once we removed unnecessary corridor walls, we were able to create a more spacious table layout that visually increases the size of the room. Rich colors and restaurant interior design concepts further transformed the former dining room into a luxurious venue for all residents to enjoy. Tablecloths, recessed lighting on dimmers and attractive, durable carpet all add to the ambiance. Adjacent, underutilized space was converted to a serving kitchen and storage area for more efficiency and less clutter. Replacing greenhouse windows with energy efficient windows that reflect heat to the exterior in summer and to the interior in winter turned a negative feature into a positive one.

dining room adjacent to foyer and main entrance

An interior window with an historic window mullion pattern visually connects the dining room and foyer while providing a windbreak.