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Lancaster, PA

SouthEast Lancaster Health Services, Inc.

We used the slope of the small piece of land obtained for this new Health Center facility as a positive design element rather than an obstacle in creating this building design. Parking needed to accommodate students, staff, and clients and was an inherent functionality of utmost importance as the exterior design was developed. We optimized the space with a two-story building design and used retaining walls to maximize the size of the parking area.

The exterior design makes a bold impact that reinforces the positive forward trends for this part of the city while maintaining some of the historic characteristics of other nearby properties. Our contemporary building design blends well with the surrounding neighborhood, and is easily recognizable from the street. The brick exterior with steel trellises (a modern abstraction of the cornices of nearby Victorian homes) reflects both warmth and professionalism reinforcing the purpose of the building as a medical/dental facility. The main entrance is wide and easy to access from the parking lot, with ample room for drop-off of handicapped patients at the door.

"We would like to thank you for your part in designing our beautiful 14,600 sq. ft. Medical and Dental Center. You listened to our needs and concerns and found a solution to any problem. The design fits in well with the architecture of the neighborhood. Your staff are creative, sincere, honest, and dependable. I would never hesitate to recommend you."
- Fran Jones
Former Building Director, SouthEast Lancaster Health Services, Inc.

reception area

The reception area is well lit and inviting, using a combination of recessed and linear lighting for brilliant illumination. Patterned flooring defines the seating area and a multi-level reception desk provides easy interaction at check-in while giving staff privacy for their work. Rows of seating face the ceiling mounted television to provide entertainment for patients waiting for appointments. The wood panels on the façade of the reception desk incorporate exterior design elements within the building.

operatory room

This operatory room in the medical facility is designed with everything essential during medical operative procedures. There is ample space for nurse assistants, a clean, hygienic atmosphere, plenty of countertop space, and cabinet space for quick access to supplies. Flooring is monolithic welded seam vinyl, typically used in surgical rooms, that keeps the floor free of voids or joints so pathogens or bacteria can’t collect in the flooring.

dental stations

An open layout for dental treatment stations is the ideal solution for the small amount of space available in the dental facility. Light colors and ample lighting from recessed lights, ceiling panels, and windows, keep the space cheerful and bright for patients and staff alike. Individual treatment stations are designed for maximum efficiency with all tools and supplies within easy reach.


A playroom adjacent to the main floor reception area is a fun place for children to safely wait while parents or older siblings are being treated. The curved wall provides a separate sense of place while keeping children in full view of staff for safety and security. The interior windows are done in a combination of sizes and clear or frosted glass to add a dynamic, yet inexpensive, architectural quality to the reception area.