Lancaster City Housing Authority Office Building

Lancaster, PA

Lancaster City Housing Authority Office Building

Initial meetings with staff and stakeholders at the startup of this project made it obvious that the building we designed had to accommodate a much large first floor space with a smaller second floor level. We designed a sculptural form building with a distinctive curved roof, and a brick and stucco exterior. The brick integrates the building with the characteristics of other buildings in the city, while the use of stucco on the veneer allowed us to contain costs, an important requirement for this public project.

Street View

The building is located on what was an undeveloped portion of the Church Street Towers public housing site. The high-rise towers are seen in the background with the new office building adjacent to the street and sidewalk. The arch shape of the office building is a common design characteristic used in windows, doorways, passageways, and openings of buildings throughout the city. The stucco portion of the building makes it easy to identify the main entrance.

public waiting area

A circular reception desk reintroduces the arch shape of the exterior as one enters the main lobby. Materials such as the terrazzo tile floors and vinyl coated wire framed chairs, were chosen to create an upscale look to the reception area while maintaining costs and providing durability in this heavily used public area. Ceiling soffits are integrated into the design to define the reception area, with recessed lighting providing a reassuring bright interior.

second floor conference of bod meeting room

The conference and meeting room is located on the second floor, along with executive offices. By locating the meeting room adjacent to the Director’s office we were able to scale that office to a smaller size. The grouping of windows along the exterior wall of the meeting room adds bright natural light to the interior and connects the room to the cityscape beyond.

Elevator Lobby

Lending consistency to the overall design of the building is a feature wall in the elevator lobby, which uses the same arch segment as the roof shape. A dual-use passenger and freight elevator offers convenience for visitors and all employees, with storage for the maintenance department located on the building’s basement.