Exploring Art with IU13
Written by Autumn Elicker

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​Hammel Associates, in collaboration with Armstrong World Industries, hosted over 25 students from the Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 Student Enrichment Experience Seminar series on Wednesday, November 20th. The event, developed to connect creative students with potential careers in various design fields, was held on Armstrong’s campus and included tours of the campus, interactive Bauhaus-inspired design activities, and hands-on experience working with Armstrong ceiling and acoustic materials. Time was also spent networking and mentoring with over 2 dozen design professionals including architects, engineers and industrial designers.

Here’s what the Teachers had to say:

“...The amount of effort and coordination for the seminar was very impressive. The kids said that this was the best seminar they ever attended and I had to agree. They loved the free time that let them create…”

“My students really enjoyed this seminar. They were able to see how a wide variety of subject areas (fine art, physics/engineering, design) come together in the workplace. Typically students are taught/exposed to skills in isolation and taught about careers that correlate with isolated subjects. For example, one of my students is considering a career in art. She’s looking at going to art school to study fine arts, but had never considered how art might be used in fields other than education. Now she’s seen how art might coincide with business, architecture, science and she’s seen that there are more career options that she originally thought…”

We are thrilled that everyone had a great experience, making the entire day enjoyable and educational for everyone. Good luck to all the students in their future career paths! #IU13seeseminars