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Homestead Village Therapy Pool - Retirement Communities

Lancaster, PA

Homestead Village Therapy Pool

Before starting this project, we visited similar facilities to learn about the many challenges unique to designing a building for an indoor pool. We also talked with physical therapists to better understand the needs of their clientele, as well as determine ideal pool temperatures for both the water and the room. This allowed us to develop effective design and infrastructure systems with confidence.

exterior view

Large expanses of glass buffer the therapy pool from the exterior and form an inside walking track corridor. This double expanse of glass acts as “storm windows” to reduce condensation on the interior glass walls, reduce solar heat gain, and allow those in the pool to have a feeling of being outdoors without being seen by anyone outside the building. The round turrets on the roof create a design feature while concealing the HVAC and ventilation equipment.

walking track interior

Laminated wood arches and a wood roof deck are rich-looking elements that are actually low-cost design solutions above the walking corridor. Brightly lit, the track provides simultaneous interior views of the pool and views of the outdoors.

physical therapy facility

Adjacent to the therapy pool is a large physical therapy room filled with a variety of exercise equipment. We continued the athletic flooring in this area but used a ceiling that would absorb noise and contain a softer ambient light. Staff can keep an eye on the activities from their office with a full glass door and window that connects it to the exercise area. Combination bathrooms/shower rooms/locker rooms, one for men and one for women, are conveniently located between the pool area and exercise room.