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Housing Authority of the City of York - Public Residential

York, PA

Housing Authority of the City of York

Over the past two decades, our firm has developed rewarding relationships with several Housing Authority clients. We have completed over 25 separate projects of various scales since 2009 for the Housing Authority of the City of York. Projects have included numerous HUD program projects, window and roof replacements, new building construction, bathroom upgrades, underground gas line replacement and electrical service improvements.

By adding charming new porches, we were able to give the Parkway Homes facades a more traditional neighborhood feel. Window and roof replacements, along with new siding in a fresh color scheme, help improve energy efficiency for the residents while freshening up the overall look.

wellington homes, facade

With playful forms and colors, the front porches of Wellington Homes turn heads and present a modern appeal. The variety of exterior siding and sky blue painted porch ceiling further accent the facades of this attractive development.

exterior of cottage homes

These cottage apartments are just some of the many housing opportunities offered by the York Housing Authority. We replaced roofs and sidewalks, and rehabilitated the concrete porches to maintain the home’s warm, inviting presence.

springfield apartments, roof

Summer months led to overheated corridors at the Springfield Apartments. We solved the problem, and improved residents’ comfort, by installing a reflective white roof to reduce heat gain in the air-conditioned corridors.

Capital Fund Program

We were delighted to be a part of the York Housing Authority's $4.5 million HUD approved, self-directed energy performance contract which provided energy conservation measures in 55 buildings, ranging from 8-story high rises to single-family residences. Tandem pumps in this photo replaced existing booster pumps to provide redundancy and extend service life.

exterior led lighting

We chose energy-efficient LED light fixtures, controlled by photocells, to replace existing sodium vapor and incandescent exterior lighting.

boiler replacement

To provide temperature comfort to residents in individual apartments, as well as those living in multi-unit buildings, we replaced space-heating boilers in both small and larger sizes.

rooftop make-up air unit

Above this property, a rooftop make-up air unit helps maintain fresh air throughout the common areas of the buildings. We also replaced heating only units with energy-efficient heating and cooling units for comfort and cost control.