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Millersville, PA

Millersville University

Tasked with keeping the footprint compact to preserve parking space, we designed additional space on top of the Millersville University Central Computer Facility, which could not be closed down during construction. The square shape of the building, high interior heating loads and large quantity of computer equipment required year-round cooling, so we specified a highly efficient condenser water source heat pump system for this project.

addition with main lobby stair & elevator

Inspired by the mid-century modern boiler house attached to it, our design for the university’s addition uses similar details and proportions to house the main lobby stair and elevator. Additionally, we selected bricks and wall construction details to match the original historic building.

custom fab lobby stair

Our design of a custom-fabricated lobby stair features period industrial building details and materials. The stair location at the monumental window provides panoramic views of the primary historic campus buildings.