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Blue Ball National Bank,  Corporate Office

Blue Ball, PA

Blue Ball National Bank, Corporate Office

A complete makeover, both inside and out, give this bank an efficient use of interior space within a beautiful new contemporary façade that greets customers with well-marked entrances, convenient parking and access, and architectural features that add distinctive focal points in an interesting mix of architectural textures.

Teller Stations

The curved teller station with recessed lighting is a soft feature that contrasts to the slate flooring in both color and texture. Warm, rich woods reinforce the curve of the area at each window, where under-shelf lighting cleverly identifies access and a sense of place. A lower teller desk accommodates wheelchair customers. Curved designs are incorporated into the ceiling as well where stained interior windows are built into the lighting to add bright color and artistic nuances.

conference and meeting rooms

The curve motif continues into the conference and meeting rooms. Large expanses of windows add a feeling of spaciousness for staff and customers, while muted tones in the walls, carpet, flooring, and wood convey a lightness in this interior space.

front entrance

Columns featuring a mosaic of blue glass are a brilliant focal point at each entry into the building. The curve motif seen within actually begins on the exterior design with the curved entry canopy done in two tiers that contrast warm red tones with the cool silver theme that outlines the entire top surround of the building. Windows are both functional and artistic in their design, incorporating influences of arts and crafts styling into the façade.