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Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories

"I have ALWAYS received outstanding service, quick responses, innovative solutions to problems and the impression that I am their most valuable client. I believe the values of Hammel Associates are very much aligned with the values of our organization. It is refreshing to have a provider on our team that we can count on day in and day out."
- Samuel Huber, BS
Facility Manager, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories

Leola, PA

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories

Eurofins had specific needs for their multi-faceted campus of buildings. By working with their strict programmatic, operational, and regulatory requirements for the different spaces and facilities, we developed appropriate designs throughout the campus by collaborating and consulting with their engineers, facility personnel, department managers, and end users.

The result was a series of newly designed exterior features and interior spaces within Building ā€œDā€, the four-story building on the left of the photograph. (Top photo courtesy of Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, Inc.)

Building D

Sunshades designed specifically for the vast expanses of glass reduce glare for workers inside. In the winter they allow the sun to naturally warm the interior, helping reduce energy costs. The angled building concept follows the existing driveways and maximizes the buildable area on the site. By using materials for the new four-story building that are consistent with older buildings on the campus, we maintained visual continuity for the corporate image even though the new building design concept is different.

micro/clinical analysis laboratory

Our design for this micro/clinical analysis laboratory illustrates the flexibility of the standard 20ā€™ x 30ā€™ lab modules which here are combined for an open lab concept. To maintain the proper hygienic environment, clients can view the facility through a bank of windows without entering the work premises. Workers have a well-lit, spacious environment that easily accommodates the numerous types of equipment required for different processes and tasks.


To control and contain the environment in various laboratories throughout the building, we use HEPA filtering and seamless vinyl flooring with welded seams, the standard for sterile clean rooms. Exhaust from workstation hoods is collected in a common rooftop high plume exhaust system. Fume hoods, sink bases, bio-safety cabinets and components support the unique functions and testing done in this room.

rooftop exhaust system

Three rooftop high plume exhaust fans safely collect and disperse exhaust from the building, replacing dozens of individual stacks that would clutter the roof and become obstacles that make maintenance difficult. To manage high amounts of heat expelled by laboratory equipment, a white TPO roof membrane reduces the heat load on air conditioning systems in warm months.