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General Internal Medicine, Toomey & Toomey Medical Center

General Internal Medicine, Toomey & Toomey Medical Center

The building design for this patient treatment center needed to be distinctive enough to make it easy for patients to find their destination, while containing the size of the building so it could be finished within the available budget. Our “saw tooth” design and the distinctive green color of the exterior are easy visual references as patients approach the location.

Although examination and treatment rooms need to provide total privacy for patients, we were able to design the building with ample windows and the use of skylights in rooms with vaulted ceilings, to fill the building with natural light. The main entrance is covered with a roof extension to provide shelter upon entering or leaving in inclement weather. The flat, brick walkway provides a level surface to the front entrance making it easily accessible for patients in wheelchairs or with walkers.

The saw tooth design creates dramatic shadows that add interest to the building’s exterior. That same effect can be seen around the windows that have a simple, narrow frame that maximizes the shadow effect. Corners have beveled cedar siding mitered to the outside, creating a distinctive “feathered” edge profile that improves the design aesthetic of the exterior.

Upon entering the waiting room a patient is met with the bright, cheerful ambiance of warm red tones in the comfortable, upholstered seating. The check-in desk is immediately visible and at a height that is comfortable for both patients and staff. Natural light fills the room, and a small custom designed stained glass window near the ceiling adds an additional artistic element, introducing additional colors into the room. Vaulted ceilings give this small area a feeling of spaciousness.

The facility is located in a residential area so it is important to reinforce the ambiance of the surrounding neighborhood. From most views and angles the building looks similar to a private home with a well-manicured lawn and mature landscaping. The result is a building design that is pleasing to our client, their patients, and the neighbors who live in the area.