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LaAcademia Partnership Charter School

Lancaster, PA

LaAcademia Partnership Charter School

Our Master Plan for the charter school operating in a two-story historic public elementary school included a two-story annex with a fenced-in rooftop play area, a connecting corridor, interior renovations and plenty of parking.

example of master plan drawings

We used a color key to present our design plan to the School Board of Directors and city officials. In addition to drawings, the Master Plan contains a summary of all zoning and building code analyses, along with a detailed list of architectural space and proposed building materials and costs.

stem classroom, view east

By combining the administrative offices and a small meeting room we were able to create one of the largest classrooms in the school – essential for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program. Natural wood doors and cabinets add richness to the interior design while providing ample storage for equipment and supplies, while a digital Smart Board between the windows enhances teaching and learning.

stem classrooms, view west

The west view of the STEM classroom further illustrates the clean design that provides plenty of well-lit space for students and technology.