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Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union

Lancaster, PA

Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union

An opportunity to relocate to a corner space within the building they were in, provided the basis for a new, open design desired by this client who wanted a space that could take advantage of natural daylight, connect with views of the outdoors, and provide a cheerful, pleasant ambiance for their employee and customers.


The circular sweep of the lobby and ceiling provide a perimeter for work stations that is enhanced with soft tones of beige, camel, and cream for a spacious and friendly environment. Circular rods of accent lighting, pale wood tones in the furnishings and doors, and neutral tones in the circular columns complete the look that makes customers feel comfortable and welcomed.

waiting area

This view of the customer waiting area shows the bank of windows that connect the interior with the outdoors. Small interior walls are used as an architectural element that provides private seating spaces. The gentle blue and teal hues on these walls are a natural contrast with the beige, bringing an element of sky tones into the area.

manager's office

This bright cheerful waiting area outside the manager’s office reinforces the consistency of the open floor plan. Interior glass was used to connect the manager with the main floor area, a feature that adds privacy to the open floor plan and enhances security. Wood moldings at the interior doors and windows add a contemporary interpretation of a classic feature.