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U.S. Boiler

"Wohlsen Construction Company has completed many successful projects with your firm and I am pleased to comment that experience, as well as your firm’s technical abilities, and the high quality of your construction documents. We congratulate you on your commitment to providing a quality product. Equally important to your technical capabilities is your willingness to communicate. This is what I have personally appreciated over the years."
- William H. Forry
Vice President, Wohlsen Construction Company

Lancaster, PA

U.S. Boiler

The company wanted to transform the inside of this existing pre-engineered metal warehouse building into a state-of-the-art testing laboratory. Disruption to ongoing daily functions needed to be kept to a minimum during the transformation. We talked to employees at all levels to get their input from individual job perspectives and learn the flow of the work processes that would be done in the new lab to help us plan the ideal utilization of the available space.

Then we started from within the structure to work with existing elements such as floors, while adding the necessary changes such as wiring, utilities, and code upgrades for the testing lab processes. The result is a well-planned re-organization of the interior space into separate areas vital to efficient operations and employee satisfaction.

The new product-testing laboratory includes a sizable open central floor area for testing of equipment. Pumps, piping and infrastructure features are designed into the perimeter walls with ample space surrounding all pieces of perimeter equipment as well as the much-needed central open area. Large industrial lighting at multiple levels provides a full canopy of light throughout.

Individual test stations are sequenced for technicians to evaluate multiple products at the same time. Each station is equipped with the appropriate operating and atmosphere conditions required for the type of products being evaluated. The open floor plan makes it easy for technicians to interact, share information, and work effectively.

The new mezzanine level overlooking the central laboratory provides the storage and infrastructure for the main lab floor below. It is the perfect solution to the challenge of combining the old and new structural systems while providing the maximum amount of space for the product testing.

A separate, quieter area was needed for workstations for engineering and technology design staff. We created this modular furniture and floor plan to provide space similar to that in the testing laboratory, with an open central area and workstations around the perimeter. That creates a more harmonious relationship between office and lab workers. The use of muted, pale colors and abundant bright lighting adds a calming ambiance to this space with limited natural light.

The new canopy entrance is an appropriate identifying feature for the main door to the engineering offices. The canopy design reflects the style of the pre-engineered building it attaches to. The center supports of the canopy are a visual reinforcement of efficient structural engineering and are design elements appropriate for this type of building.