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West Pharmaceutical Services

Lititz, PA

West Pharmaceutical Services

This manufacturing and warehousing facility is located in an industrial park where building designs must meet published standards for all elements and features of the building. We worked closely with the client’s process engineer and their contractor to coordinate every step of the process, evaluate all ideas, and develop the most advantageous design solutions. This streamlined the project, which was done on time and on budget, minimizing any inconvenience or downtime to the client.

The exterior is made more interesting by the two ribbons of windows that immediately identify the location of staff and management offices. The main entrance is easily located by the corner windows above it that frame the covered entryway. Truck bays on the other side of the building are located under a sloping roof the same as the office area, providing a visual balance to the exterior. Corner bands of colored masonry add visual relief to the large windowless areas, softening the look of the concrete.

The manufacturing floor can be viewed from the administration area located on the second floor. This lets management oversee the manufacturing assembly lines, packaging, and shipping processes without having to be in the plant area. Certain parts of the facility needed to be designed to meet the ISO Class 5 standards. Additional standards that had to be incorporated into the design include clearance areas for the assembly line operations. This is an example of a project that gets maximum value from our team approach and dedicated project manager.